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    Outreach is the process through which funds raised during Exam-AID sessions are reinvested in community development projects in Latin America. This is where the work that our chapters do has the chance to come full circle and they can see first hand, how the funds that they worked so hard to raise supports communities in achieving their development goals.

    Trips are open to anyone under the age of 30 and provide the opportunity for participants to immerse themselves in a different culture, learn about development issues in another country and grow as individuals. Volunteers will do this while working on the construction of a project designed to improve access to education within that community and taking part in cultural activities in the area.

    Our most basic philosophy at Students Offering Support focuses on collaboration with our partners on education projects that the communities identify as necessary in improving the landscape of education locally. We work and learn with our Latin American partners to find and build relationships with various communities to understand how we can best support their development.

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    SOS Outreach trips are typically two weeks in length and offer students the opportunity to work side by side with our NGO partners towards the completion of a project that their chapter helped to fund. Students will work on a construction project that will improve the access to and quality of education in their destination community. Projects range from the traditional (school repairs, classroom and computer lab construction) to the untraditional (gardens, water and sanitation projects) and the recreational (sports courts). This two-week experience provides the opportunity to get to know a new country, learn about the development issues facing communities in Latin America and participate in cultural exchange. Click here for a sample outreach trip itinerary.

    Most SOS Outreach Trips happen in February, May and August; but keep an eye on our National Outreach Trips page for opportunities to join trips at other points throughout the year! Although most of our outreach trips are associated with a specific University Chapter, volunteers are welcome to apply to any trip!

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    SOS outreach trips are designed for students & young-professionals - from the type of work and activities while in the community, to the logistics and program fees. We understand that our primary volunteers are university students with limited funds and often aren't able to commit to an experience like this twelve months in advance! As such, SOS makes it a priority to provide the most affordable volunteer abroad trips around while allowing participants to join a trip as close as 4 weeks before its departure date! On average, a two-week volunteer trip costs between $2,000 and $3,000 and includes the following:

    • Round-trip flight with the group
    • Comprehensive travel and medical insurance
    • Accommodations
    • All meals while in the community
    • In-country transportation to/from airport and the project site
    • Pre/during/post trip support, including Spanish resources!

    The above items are arranged for participants by SOS staff, SOS volunteers, and our community partners. The only things your program fee doesn't cover are costs for any weekend excursions, vaccinations required, and airport exit fee (if your destination country requires one). For a detailed breakdown of costs, click here.

    • We review each of our communities in terms of their ability to safely accommodate volunteers, and train them with the skills to do so
    • We provide pre-departure training to ensure that particpants are knowledgeable about worksite safety
    • We provide each participant with the necessary safety gear for their volunteer work
    • We provide each participant with comprehensive insurance and register them for government services while traveling abroad
    • We provide each group with two (fantastic) leaders, one from Canada and one local, who work with the group and the community for the full duration of the trip to ensure the experience is life-changing while being safe!

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    Upcoming Outreach Trips

    There are no upcoming trips open for registration at the moment. By early November, all trips for the upcoming year (early May and late August) will be open for applications. Click here to see a list of all posted outreach trips nationally, or follow us on facebook to be the first to know!

    Outreach Trips in Pictures!

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    Past Outreach Trips

    Below is a history of our chapter's outreach trips. Click for more information about them (video, pictures, information, etc.).

    Picuro Yacu, Peru


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    "This was my 3rd outreach trip with SOS, anticipated it to be similar to the first two. Reflecting upon returning home, I was overwhelmed with thankfulness that I was able to experience another trip. These aren't just trips that last a week or two, these are life experiences that stick with me for much longer than the time we are there and they motivate and drive me to continue learning more so that I can do more. "

    --Trudy Cronkhite, ,Lajitas, Honduras

    "I think that actually being dropped into these environments really puts into perspective the fact that what we may consider stressful issues in North America are irrelevant to them. It was quite humbling and really boosted appreciation for how fortunate we are. "

    --Jackson Hounsell, ,Asiento Viejo, Nicaragua

    "I found that my trip to Guatemala with SOS was well organized, extremely well staffed and very safe. The most memorable moment of the trip was when we came back from a hike and the local children greeted us with English phrases that we taught them the day before. I felt like a proud parent! During the mornings, we would work on building the school with the locals whom were so welcoming. Stepping out of my comfort zone and into a electricity-less community has allowed me to further appreciate what I have and had made me want to give back to other communities. I would absolutely go on another trip!"

    --Santana Su, ,Hacienda II, Guatemala