This is an opportunity for you to gain valuable leadership experience locally at your university. This is an opportunity for you to contribute as a global citizen in an international movement. We believe in access to quality education... now it's your time to make an impact that will last. Apply now!

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Students Offering Support!

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Providing great exposure to Marketing, Human Resources, and Finance - in addition to hands on experience with Academic, Business, and International Development - these positions provide individuals with skills and real-world opportunities to lead a department and make a real impact! Click on the open positions to view their descriptions.

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Did you totally ACE one of your courses last year? Are you looking to show-off or improve on your presentation skills? Put your smarts to good use, and help fellow peers in a big way! Below you will find the courses we need Exam-Aid Instructors for!

More information about the Exam-AID Instructor role is here.